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Telematics For Fleet & Haulage
Date Posted: 28/08/2013

SMART WITNESS - Vehicle CCTV &amo; Journey Recorder

Protect Against Insurance Fraud

Proven to reduce the frequency and severity of your fleet claims

Protect against cash for crash, spurious and exaggerated insurance claims

Compact and discreet 'black box' recorder

  • Continuously records drivers view via 170° high quality lens
  • Continuously records braking/acceleration/collision G-forces
  • Continuously records GPS positioning via Google Maps
  • Digitally records 'what really happened' onto SD media
  • Lockable and tamper-proof versions available
  • Cigarette lighter or hard wired fused power options
  • Approved for installation in commercial vehicles

Click on the video below for more information:

Greenroad Telematics

Greenroad’s Telematics systems providing live time results on driver performance, crucial to any transport operator looking to reduce fuel and insurance costs.

Please CLICK HERE to read the Success Story from Balfour Beaty Utiliy Solutions. Drivers at Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions reduced the number of risky manoeuvres by two-thirds following the deployment of GreenRoad 360™.


We offer a wide range of insurance cover, including: